The legacy of Prof. David P. Billington: Integrating Engineering and Art

The books of David P. Billington* in chronological order:



*Gordon Y.S. Wu Professor of Engineering, Princeton University

For a more detailed review of his life and work, you may have a look at the paper below.

Professor Ignacio Payá-Zaforteza & Professor Maria E. Moreyra Garlock
(2019) Eminent Structural Engineer: David P. Billington (1927–2018). Inspiring Generations
Through the Integration of Engineering and Art, Structural Engineering International, 29:1, 175-178.DOI: 10.1080/10168664.2018.1528851 (


Last but not least, it is probably worth mentioning that a number of Prof. Billington’s lectures are free to watch on iTunes; The Art of Engineering with David P. Billington, thanks to the Princeton Office of the Alumni Association.

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