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ktiriothiki: what’s this?

ktiriothiki is a non-existent word that was created to describe a project related to the architectural heritage of Athens, Greece. It comes from the Greek words “κτήριο” (ktirio=building) and “θήκη” (théke=case) and it means a repository of buildings, a place were building information is stored, similarly to e.g. a bookcase.[…]

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Pikionis: Filopappou-Acropolis

when the poetry of photography meets poetic architecture… How Hélène Binet’s photographs changed the way we look at architecture   Πικιώνης: Φιλοπάππου-Ακρόπολη όταν η ποίηση της φωτογραφίας συναντά την ποιητική αρχιτεκτονική…   Photo by Hélène Binet from Architectural Record ΙΙΙ.2019       “An image for me should never be[…]

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